Wednesday, October 31, 2007


What a busy day! We started out with playgroup then ran home for a quick lunch then off to a kiddy halloween party at Kristen Andersen's house. Jeffrey and Sam played hard and ate tons of sugar. By the time we got home it was 4pm and Sammy was ready to crash. So I let him take a late nap. Jeff and I went over to a neighbor's house for pizza then a huge group of us took off to trick or treat. (Sammy was still sleeping so he didn't join in). Jeffrey was very enthusiastic to begin with, running to each house and yelling "trick or treat" (which actually sounds likes "trunk or treat"). After a street he started to say he wanted to go home. By the time we got home I found out why-he had a little accident. But we got plenty of candy. Sammy woke up at 7pm and I put his costume on for some pics and to go to the Jones' house next door. For the rest of the night Jeffrey enjoyed handing out candy to the trick or treaters, each time he'd say "they said thank you mom and I said welcome". John brought home his camera from work so I could take pictures tonight. (BTW-you can see our new floors in the first picture of Sammy).

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

18 month Blues

My little boy (Sammy) has turned the ripe old age of 18 months. And oh my goodness has he changed! He'll still snuggle with me and its fun to hear him repeat words I say. But then there's the other side. To put it positively he has become very interested in everything around him. He must touch it, taste it and stick it in the toilet. I still love him, I just get frustrated with his explorations. And Jeffrey is happy to help. He's also learned to say "No"-granted I probably say that word more than any other-but he doesn't just say no, he pronounces it and prolongs it like a high whined NOOOOOO. he does go to nursery-hooray!! I swear 18 months is the hardest age for me. Hence, i am not planning on having another child at the moment.

Today I lost my keys. I got up early to go work out (yes, I'm buff now) so I had them between 6am and 7am. By 10:15am I was in a panic cause I had to go to the Music Makers class I started and am in charge of. But no keys. My neighbor graciously gave us a ride. After Music Makers I proceeded to comb the house in a calmer manner than previously and found them sitting right inside the sub woofer speaker we have sitting next to our TV. Can you guess who hid them?-yes my sweet Sammy. He's hidden other objects in the past and I have found them in odd places.

Speaking of which...I've misplaced my camera and tomorrow is Halloween. A parents worst nightmare-no camera to take pictures of their little ones in cute costumes. So here is my theory with the camera 1. Sammy hid it or 2. the carpet installers stole it. (cause it can't be ME who lost the camera, it must be someone else). Oh, and if didn't guess we have all new floors in our house-the whole house excluding the unfinished basement. I LOVE IT!!! No more nasty crusty grey carpet under my table. We now have cherry laminate wood on most of the main floor and carpet everywhere else. Plus new tile in the upstairs bathrooms.

Anyways, please don't think I hate my kids. I'm just venting a bit. I know my life is peaches and cream compared to millions of other moms around the world. Sometimes I think "how does Heavenly Father do it". Cause I can't keep my patience with just two kids!

Friday, October 26, 2007


I have been tagged by my lovely friend Rachel Lyons. I've been trying to think of interesting things to say about myself that you don't already know. Some of you don't know that I like to bird watch or that my dad is a date farmer or that my nickname was Scrap but mostly everyone already knows those tidbits. Oh! I have to explain the rules: list 6 interesting things about yourself then tag 6 other people and leave comments on their blogs so they know they've been tagged.

1. My junior year of college I went to Cape Town, South Africa for a summer. I know you all know that but I'm always asked what I did there and so that's the interesting part. Sooooo it was through BYU's anthropology department (I was a zoology major). It wasn't really a study abroad because I didn't study at a university there. I volunteered at a maternity hospital and did an after school program at a library in the township I lived in. My host family was awesome! It was such a great experience-forced me out of my comfort zone and created a desire to learn more about other cultures. yada yada I could go on forever....

2. I despise buying things that AREN'T on sale. I literally get a high from shopping around for the best bargains and using coupons to get rock bottom prices. Some may call me cheap. Sometimes when I'm going to purchase something big I do lots of research online then look around for good prices but end up becoming indecisive-it drives John up the wall. John just wants to go into a store, get the item and leave. Not me, I like to look at lots of stores and then think about it for awhile-but then I can't make a decision, and I worry about making the "right" choice, cause I'll only feel good about buying if I know its a good deal.

3. Okay, I'm going to explain the "Scrap" nickname. My freshman year of high school I played on the varsity basketball team. One of the older players decided I was a scrappy player and thus gave me the name. So it stuck and I was called that by my teammates plus other friends. Then in college, someone found out about it and started calling me Scrap. Pretty soon everyone called me that including my bishop. I was assigned to give a talk one Sunday and they introduced me as Scrap during sacrament meeting. My old roomies still call me Scrap and have a hard time calling me by my real name. It only wore off once all my friends got married and I had all new roommates my senior year. That's when I met John so he has always called me Steph not Scrap.

4. Before I die I'd like to visit Costa Rica (awesome bird watching), New Zealand/Australia, Sweden (John's family ancestry), and the British Isles (my family ancestry).

5. After my kids are all in school I plan on getting a nursing degree. Then I want to go on short humanitarian trips to Africa or South America as a nurse. I love the medical field!! But I do have to get over my little fainting problem. I faint when I get drawn and have seen some minor surgeries in which I got woosy.

6. I was a minority in my high school. Yuma, AZ is about 15 minutes from the Mexican border and so is heavily populated by people from that country or of that ancestry. But that also means Yuma has magnificent Mexican food....oh I'm craving some right now as I write. Another interesting fact about Yuma, the population doubles in the winter from the snow birds (old people from the north). And its also in the Guinesis Book of World Records for the most consecutive days over 90 degrees. One last fact, while Yuma High School was being built classes were held in the old Yuma Territorial Prison and so their mascot became the Criminals. (note: I didn't go to Yuma High so please don't call me a criminal).

***I tag Candice Brobice, Rachel "Goodwin" Williams, Katrina Bria, Melissa Ballantyne, Tami Nelson, and Shannon Dickman

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

World Series Baby!!!

Our Colorado Rockies just did what no team has done before in the history of baseball, swept both the division and league championship series. And yes, they did play the Arizona Diamondbacks whom I have been a fan of in the past (like 2001 when we lived in Tuscon and they beat the Yankees in the world series). But they are no longer the team I knew, with their new colors and players. So I have done what all Denverites must do eventually, and I am rooting for the home team. John went to the first game in the national league championship series while he was in Phoenix for business. He got a ticket at face value the day before the game. The playoff games here have been sold out for weeks and being sold for twice their value. People are a little crazy in Colorado about their sports teams, but it makes it all the more fun.