Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Been a While eh?!

Summer has been flying by!! We've spent most of our time swimming, riding bikes, taking a trip to Kansas and OKC, and watching the grass grow then die then grow again. John and the teachers/priest group from church took a week long 50-mile backpack trip. That's the same week I went to KS and OK to visit my sister and college roomy Rachel. John and the young men survived and had a great trip. I'll post a pic or two of his trip. John put a ton of hours into planning and organizing that trip and we are glad that it went off so well and that its over. I did my second triathlon in July-this time with a road bike and it was so much faster! John's job changed this summer, he now has the title of "vice president". With his promotion has come long hours at the office that we hope will abate in a few months. He is also studying for his MAI test-equivalent to a CPA exam for accountants. So he is one busy guy. Jeffrey started preschool yesterday, its a Tues/Thurs class. He was so tired when he got home and actually had homework-which we have already argued about as he wants to do it Friday instead of before Thursday. (Is this a foreshadow of the next 14 years?)