Thursday, September 30, 2010

Children's Museum

My kids LOVE the Denver Children's Museum. Its funny to watch Jeffrey especially because he is SO serious about his play there. He likes to be the chief fireman on the real fire truck they have and the head cashier at the pretend grocery store (yes, he likes to be in charge, he's my little leader!). We brought some friends along during spring break this year.

Sammy's 4th Birthday

This is from April...I'm a little slow this year at posting!
Sammy got to have his first friend party this year. He was all giggles. We had about 20 four year olds in our house. It was chaos!! John wasn't home until half way through the party but luckily I have some great friends who volunteered to help out.

Sammy and I were so excited about a pinata! But it didn't turn out so great. It fell and then it was hard for those little kids to break it open. And then I didn't let them mad dash for the candy because I wanted everyone to have equal shares-in theory a good idea, in practice a terrible let down.

Easter 2010

Jeffrey and Sammy were very excited this year to do an Easter egg hunt in our backyard. Trenton had no comment. Isabella came to celebrate as well and found her fill or eggs.

The day before Easter we got to ride in an old fire truck that a friend of a friend owns for his real estate business.