Monday, November 26, 2007

Black Friday

I've never braved the early morning rush of the day after Thanksgiving, but this year I did it. Thanksgiving morning I surfed through the ads and decided what I wanted and my plan of attack. I got up at 5am after only one hit of the snooze button and rushed off to Kohls. This year Kohls opened at 4am so by the time I got there the place was packed with lines all around the store. I started by getting a number at the jewelry counter then picked out a few clothes items. I was beginning to think about just leaving because I didn't see how standing in line for 45 minutes for a few items was worth it when my number was called! So I bought some jewelry-$100 diamond earrings for $20 (I hope they're real!)- and they rang up the rest of my stuff. (and I thought about WHO I could give the earrings too but in the end concluded that I would really be the happiest person to get them and so am keeping them for myself.) By the end of the day I hit about 6 stores, one store shy of my plan. I wanted to go to GameStop to buy some Wii's to sell on ebay-you can make about $150 profit-but I should have been standing in line before the store opened cause they only had 20. And that was how all the door busters were-it's just a gimmick-they advertise rock bottom prices on limited stock items just to get you in. But being an amateur I didn't realize this and so didn't get to any of the stores in time. I stood in line the longest at Toys-r-us for 4 toys (the line wound around the whole store). Everyone around me had huge baskets full of stuff, I couldn't believe it! It was worth it though because I got everything for a good price plus I got the second to last toy that Jeffrey has been dying to get (and told me again today "Mommy I really really want that fast train"). I'm not much of a shopper-not my favorite past time cause I don't like to spend money. But I enjoyed myself, mostly because I went alone-no kids, nobody to wait on, I just knew exactly what I wanted-got in and got out. Moral of the story-it was a good experience and I'll probably do it again.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Old and New Pictures

We took Christmas pictures yesterday, here is one that didn't turn out too well.

Since Jeff is going into primary next year we decided he needed a tie, and he loves it.

First snow storm back in mid October. Jeffrey was SOOO excited along with John about the snow. Sammy didn't know what to think and didn't enjoy being outside too much. I had mixed feelings about the snow. I remember at church that day someone prayed that they were thankful for the snow and the moisture it would bring to the area. I was surprised by that comment because it never occurred to me that I should be thankful for the snow. And I decided that I'm not going to complain this winter about snow! Wish me luck.

Yes, Sammy has some goop in his nose.

The Denver Zoo and the reason we go to the zoo is for the train ride.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Firemen to the Rescue!!

I wish I had taken a picture now, but I really didn't think about it at the time...
Saturday afternoon I was painting baseboards in the garage while the boys played in my car in the driveway. I let them have the keys because Jeffrey likes to listen to music while he pretends to drive. A neighbor boy came by and Jeffrey got out of the car to play with him leaving Sammy by himself. A few minutes later, Jeffrey and this boy come running over to me to say Sammy has locked the doors to the car. Well, John was on a campout and had the only other key to the car. I called to see if he was close to being home but he was in Vail, about 2 hours away. John, in a way, was freaking out asking what I was going to do. I didn't know, yet! I got out a wire hanger and proceeded to attempt the break in but I failed. Two of the neighbor dads tried the hanger but no luck. Several of us were knocking on the window, yelling at Sammy to "push the button". Sammy just smiled back and continued to play in the car. At first I didn't want to, it was my last option, but I decided to call the police. They routed me through to the fire department. About five minutes later we hear the sirens coming up the street (I don't think they had much to do). By this time, Sammy is crying and looking a bit scared. The big fire truck came plus a sheriff. They got Sammy out quickly and suggested I get a magnetic hide-a-key then left. I guess I'm just glad I got to see my tax dollars at work. And yes, I'm going shopping for a hide-a-key.

Friday, November 2, 2007


Don't fret another second! I found my camera and will post new and interesting pictures soon. The camera was in the pocket of my snow jacket because I took pictures of the kids in our first snow storm two weeks ago. So it was neither Sammy or the carpet guys-my hypothesis was very wrong.

**If you are confused please read under "18 month Blues"