Monday, January 21, 2008

My Escape from Winter

I took Jeffrey and Sammy to visit my parents in Yuma, AZ Jan 9-16th. We flew all the way to Yuma International Airport-which is a thrill ride in itself for Jeffrey. He especially likes riding the "fast train" at the Denver airport and told my mom that we went to the "C station" (the C terminal). It was 70 degrees plus some the whole time we were there. So we played outside quite a bit. We played at a park one day, visited my Grandpa Nelson-who'll be 91 next month. Oh, and there's a story here-so my Grandpa lives in Bard, CA which is 20 min west of Yuma (Yuma is right on the Colorado River). Bard is rural farming area and so my Grandpa's house is surrounded by fields. There used to be lemon orchards that my brothers and I would play in growing up, but the trees got a disease and had to be destroyed. Now there are baby date palms growing. Anyways, that's just background info, so we're visiting Grandpa when I hear Sammy crying and I look out into the field and see he's lost his shoes. The field was muddy-and muddy fields can be like quick sand-so his shoes got stuck in the mud and his feet came out of them. Well, my mom went out to save him and was OK going out but coming back her shoes broke the top layer and she almost got stuck herself. It was funny at the time...ha ha. Also in Bard, we saw my Uncle Jerry's old Model-T truck that he decorates for Christmas. This year he had an electric train on the back-which was mesmerizing for my boys. So what else, we went on a boat ride on the mighty Colorado River. Jeffrey loved it, Sammy not so much. Sammy did try to drive the boat and didn't want my Dad to have his hands on the wheel. We played at my brother Paul and Ericka's house. Their son Hunter got a Wii for Christmas-and beat me at bowling. Then we took a short trip over to California to visit some old friends. First we drove up to Irvine to see my friend Hillary and her daughter Avery. We just played at the park for a couple of hours. Avery and Jeffrey were best buds when we lived there and poor Avery bawled when we had to leave. Then we went to San Diego and saw the Clarks. They took us to the San Diego Zoo the following day, then we ate ice cream and headed back to Yuma. On our way home we were surprised by John at the Phoenix airport-he'd had business in PHX and Tucson and met up with us for our flight home. Denver greeted us with 18 degree weather-brrrrrr!! It was a long, fun trip and its good to be home. Okay, I'm trying out a slide show for my pictures-hope it works!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

White Christmas Memories

Christmas this year was so so fun. The weekend before Christmas, we took my parents to see the White Christmas musical downtown then ate at a cute little Italian cafe. Christmas Eve day we all went to The North Pole-which is actually in Colorado Springs. It has kiddy amusement rides and the most real Santa Claus I've ever seen. Jeffrey was excited beyond limits to see Santa, but as soon as we got into the cottage, Jeffrey didn't even make eye contact with him and so didn't sit on his lap. But we had fun riding the rides. Jeffrey tried out the Tilt-a-Whirl which is probably the fastest ride he's ever been on-but loved every second. That night Patrick and Katrina came over and we had appetizers and a special Christmas Eve family home evening by Grandma and Grandpa, complete with "Don't Eat Pete" and a Christmas lesson fit for a 3 year old.
Then the perfect Christmas for my parents who've never been out of Yuma for the holiday, it snowed! And it was my first white Christmas too. Mom and Dad took a walk around the neighborhood after the presents were all opened just to be in the snow.
And as a side note, Jeffrey was more enthusiastic this year than he's ever been about Christmas. Christmas morning he asked John "Is Santa still in our house", and when John answered "no", Jeffrey said "oh, good!". He knew if Santa was in the house he couldn't come down stairs to open presents. Then he jumped around and waved his arms shouting "Its Christmas!".

The North Pole-Jeffrey driving!

Dave and Betty-Grandma and Pappy-Mom and Dad

Don't Eat Pete-I think I won.

We played a throw the ball in a box game.

Jeffrey's gift from Santa-he played with this for 10 hours straight on Christmas day!

Sammy opening his favorite present-a new blanket! (So I can wash his blanket once in a while)
He was playing with the camera but as soon as John opened the bag and Sammy saw the blanket he gave out a little scream and started to suck his fingers.