Thursday, February 26, 2009


For Christmas, John gave me a treasure chest full of little envelopes. One said take a class of your choosing, another was for a massage, another was for a night of shopping. One was for a trip to get out of the cold. It hasn't been too cold this year, but that doesn't mean we couldn't still take a trip. I decided on Scottsdale, AZ since I found a good deal on a resort there. The rate was good and they gave us $100 food credit per day. So we left the kids behind and enjoyed the sun for two days. First thing that I loved seeing was green grass, I didn't realize how much I'd missed green plants! I also loved wearing my sandals and the desert landscapes. John got to golf of course-that's what Scottsdale is all about. If you want to learn more about his experience there you can visit his golf blog. Unfortunately the only picture I took was of him golfing. I got to drive the golf cart and read a book. The next day we went to a preserve one hour from Phoenix to bird watch and hike. In the afternoon we checked out some beach cruiser bikes the resort offered and rode around the man made lakes in the area. It was a fun trip and so nice to get away for a bit.
Random Photos:
I forgot to post these months ago, so for documentation sake here they are.
This is Jeffrey before his preschool's Christmas concert. They sang Little Drummer Boy, hence the drum.

This is Jeffrey and his friends Paige and Andrew on a preschool field trip to the Littleton Museum.

Another of Jeffrey trying out John's guitar. He's shown interest in musical instruments. I recently started taking violin lessons-because of John's Christmas gift-and he is very interested in the violin. He watched my starter DVD one day and then was so excited to point out the parts of the violin and could name the correct notes of the four stings.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Jeffrey's 5th Birthday

I'm a little late at posting but here's a few photos from Jeffrey's birthday party. Jeffrey has been talking about his birthday party for about a year so this was bigger than Christmas for him. He helped me plan the cake flavor, decorations, and he made up the "schedule" for the party. (A little type A personality I think). Most of my pictures came out blurry so you can't really tell that we had 12 kids in the house. John forgot he had a class that day and so missed the festivities, but my neighbor's daughter was able to help out. We played a pin the medal on the Power Ranger game, throw candy into a box, and a fishing for candy game. Jeffrey was pretty funny opening his presents-it was like a feeding frenzy. I tried to get him to slow down and thank his friends, and he did thank them but didn't slow down.

On another note, I have to announce that Sammy is now officially potty trained!! He was SOOOOOO much easier than Jeffrey-really it was night and day. He got into this "I want to do everything myself stage" so I thought, well you can go potty by yourself then. He's still in that "fun" stage. I admit I'm not very patient when I have to wait for him to try things out on his own. Shopping with him these days is a nightmare-but I just keep in mind that it will all pass...someday.

Monday, February 2, 2009


We had our ultrasound last Thursday and its undeniably another baby boy. He looks healthy and beautiful according to the tech. I was a little disappointed it wasn't a girl but had prepared myself mentally for the boy. A month or so ago John and I had dreams on the same night about having another boy-they were different dreams but still the same night, that's saying something. In my dream, I was giving birth to him and I named him Trenton. I'd never even thought of that name before-but turns out we both like the name so we're sticking with it!