Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tourney Time

Its March Madness-woohoo!! We love this time of year. College hoops, bracket predictions, trash talk between friends and family, what could be better? I've picked North Carolina to win it all. They were my pick last year too and disappointed me but for some reason I'm going with them again. John helped Jeffrey fill out a bracket this year. He'll win the big $10,000 from ESPN if there are a lot of upsets. He's picked Moorhead State to beat Louisville, North Dakota State to get to the 3rd round, and the biggest picks were Siena to make it to the finals against Butler. (Siena because its the name of one of his favorite babysitters and Butler because it sounds like "butt"). Jeffrey predicts Butler to win it all-not going to happen-and if it does we definitely get the money. John got technical this year by creating an Excel spreadsheet to help him predict the outcomes. (he's an Excel nerd!). I just used shear gut instinct. Let it begin!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Script for the imaginary play "Doctor's Office"

Play written by: Jeffrey

Characters/played by:
Doctor Jeffrey-Jeffrey
Nurse Jeffrey-Jeffrey
Patients- Me and Sammy

Act One:
Sammy and I pull up to the doctor's office building and park in the parking garage. Next we take the pantry elevator to the second floor. Sammy insists on pushing the buttons. I make the "ding" sound when we reach our destination. We step out of the pantry and climb the stairs to Doctor Jeffrey's office.

Nurse Jeffrey: Please take a seat in the waiting room
a minute later...
Nurse Jeffrey: Sammy! Sammy doesn't want to go so I volunteer
Nurse Jeffrey: Do you have your cards?

I pull out our insurance cards and hand them to the nurse. Nurse Jeffrey takes the cards to what the kids call "Spencer's room" (because John's brother Spencer slept there for a month last summer). He begins to type on the end table while looking at the cards.
Nurse Jeffrey: OK, everything looks good. Come to the room.
I go into the boy's room and sit on the bed.
Nurse Jeffrey: How are you feeling? I heard Sammy coughing, he'll need some medicine and five shots. I'll do your blood pressure last.
Me: What is your name?
Nurse Jeffrey: I'm nurse Jeffrey and I'm a boy, the doctor is Dr. Jeffrey and he's a boy. OK, I'll go get the doctor.

The nurse leaves closing the door behind him. Two minutes later Dr. Jeffrey comes in. He is dressed in scrubs and has a stethoscope and the charger to John's electric shaver draped around his neck.

Dr. Jeffrey: I'm Dr. Jeffrey. Sammy is sick so the nurse will give him five shots later. First I'll listen to your heart.
He puts the stethoscope in his ears and listens to my heart.
Dr. Jeffrey: (Very seriously) sounds good now I'll listen to your breathing. Good breathing. Now I'll look in your ears, both ears look good. Now I'll listen to your blood.

Jeffrey puts one end of the electric shaver charger in his ear and the other end on my thigh to listen to my blood.

Dr. Jeffrey: OK, the nurse will come back now. Will you get Sammy? He needs his shots.

The doctor leaves and the nurse comes back. I grab Sammy but he's not into this pretending to get shot stuff so that's out. The nurse takes my blood pressure. Then Sammy and I leave-we don't even have to pay a co-pay!

The End!

Monday, March 2, 2009


John thought I needed to record this-but its disgusting in my opinion-yesterday Jeffrey drank some caffeine free Pepsi for the first time. It gave him lots of gas and he kept burping extremely loud; however, he did say "excuse me" so I wasn't overly annoyed. He had one particularly loud and long burp that enabled him to burp a whole sentence. I have no idea what he actually said. John was impressed and seemed almost excited that his son had such talent! I suggested that maybe someday Jeffrey could learn to burp quietly, but John scoffed at me. I'm surrounded by gassy boys! I guess the best I can do is teach them to say excuse me. Maybe I am turning into my mother-whom we coined "Miss Manners" growing up because she grilled us on our eating habits.