Thursday, April 3, 2008

Yuma Connection

**Warning-this may only be interesting to members of the Nelson family. Yesterday I went to the dentist to have a cavity filled. And as a side note, I've had three cavities in my life, all after having kids. I've heard this is common cause your immune system is suppressed while your pregnant making you more susceptible to cavities. Anyways, there was a dental student there observing my dentist. I didn't get a good look at him because I was supine with my mouth open nor did I pay attention to his name because I was thinking about the drill headed for me. The dentist drilled a hole in my tooth, while he was doing this he and the student were talking about professors and my dentist explained that they went to the same school. So I asked, well sort of asked-the best I could with my mouth open, what school they went to-they said USC-Oh, I say I used to live in Irvine-they ask if I'm a Trojan fan-I say no, I'm a Wildcat fan I grew up in Yuma, AZ. So later after I was all done, the dental student asks hesitantly, Do you know the Nelson family, do you know Mark Nelson? And for the first time I looked at him and sort of recognized him. I say yes! Mark is my brother. So he says I was Mark's MTC companion. So I say yea! your name starts with a "D" right? Its Elder Dyle! Of course he doesn't go by that name anymore-its Dustin, or Dr. Dyle. Dustin and Mark were good pals and still keep in contact. Well, I didn't get to talk to him much longer cause I was being summoned to pay. But that is just crazy! I've had moments like that before-I call it the Yuma connection. I've been on airplanes and met complete strangers who know people I know from Yuma, and everywhere we've lived there's always been either someone I know from there or someone who knows someone from Yuma. The benefits of growing up in a semi-small town.