Thursday, August 20, 2009

Two Months and Growing

Trenton had his two month check up two weeks ago. He was 10lb, 10oz and 23 inches long. He is smiling and almost laughing. His newest thing is staring at and chewing on his hands. He'll open and close his hands and grab at his clothes. He has great neck control and will sometimes get his knees up under him when he is on his stomach. Here are some photos from the last month and a half.

He's a Kindie!

Jeffrey started kindergarten on August 7th. It seems like such an early start date! I remember starting school after Labor Day. They are on a modified traditional schedule where they get two weeks off in fall, two weeks at Christmas, and two weeks in the spring. He goes to school every morning. Jeffrey was very excited on the first day of school. He saw his teacher Mrs. DeWolf come out to get her class and he ran to the front of the line and didn't look back. I didn't even get a wave goodbye. I'm glad he is so confident and comfortable already. I love his teacher. She has everything very structured which fits Jeffrey's personality perfectly. Sammy has been a bit lonely without Jeffrey in the mornings. Hopefully he will adjust and learn to play on his own.

Big Bear Lake, California

The last week of July we headed to southern California for a Kjelstrom family reunion. John's family met together at Big Bear Lake. We were only missing Jason who is faithfully serving his mission in Brazil. Thanks to Ryan and Melissa who saved up their time share points to get three condos for the families to stay in. Lots of fun was had swimming at the resort pool, playing at the park, visiting the alpine slide, riding in the boat, water skiing, jet skiing, and playing at the beach near the lake.

Isabella, Jeffrey, and Sammy

All the cousings: Isabella, Jeffrey, Sammy, Jacob, and Andrew

Jeffrey was really brave and went down this water slide all by himself!

The alpine slide was popular with the little kids and big kids a like. Sammy LOVED going fast, so did John and Patrick. The men had time trials. Patrick and Spencer went so fast during the trials, they crashed towards the end. Patrick had some huge nasty scrapes on his arm.

Grandma Moats ordered a folding rocking chair and shipped it to Melissa's house so she could rock the babies. Trenton was in heaven. He fell asleep in her arms every time.

Maroon Bells

John's brother Spencer came out to stay with us again this summer, the third summer in a row. He was hear for almost 3 weeks in July. Spencer was my "manny", watching Jeffrey and Sammy so I could do errands or taking the boys to the park, library, swimming pool etc. He was a great help. One of the weekends he was here John took him backpacking near the famous Maroon Bells mountains.
Here they are in front of Maroon Lake with the Maroon Bells in the background.

Spencer taking a breather...must have been a hard hike.

Snowmass Lake