Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My Brothers the Grads

My two younger brothers Mark and Brent both graduated from grad schools last week. I'm very proud of them both. Mark earned his MBA from Rice University in Houston and Brent his JD from Texas Tech Law School in Lubbock.
Mark, Brooke, baby Courtney, Adam, Molli

Grandpa Dave, Nicole, Danielle, Brent, Grandma Betty

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sammy's 3rd

April 25th was Sammy's 3rd birthday. He knew he was turning 3 and that we would have cake but he still didn't understand a few things. He stood outside my bedroom door screaming because he didn't get that he couldn't come in because I was wrapping his presents. If you said "Happy Birthday Sammy", he said "Happy Birthday Mommy!". We had a fun day. The morning started off with birthday hats-even his new stuffed dog Scout got a hat. In the afternoon Patrick, Katrina, and Isabella came over to have cake and open presents. Sammy helped me decorate the cake with sprinkles-he insisted on orange and blue. The cake was a bit crunchy from the mounds of sprinkles.

Sammy got a remote control car-here he is driving it on our new deck.