Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas 08-Yuma, AZ

We headed south this year for Christmas. It was fun to visit with my family. Everyone made it minus my brother Mark as his wife Brooke is expecting soon. We played outside on Grandma and Grandpa's new swing set and at Yuma's new park; which was very impressive, its a huge castle with slides to get down and tons of different ways to climb up and down. We had dinner with Great Grandpa Nelson and my sister Lindsey and Shawn who live with Grandpa now (they recently moved from Kansas back to Yuma). John flew in Christmas Eve as he had to stay in CO to work. He and my brothers Brent and Paul golfed the afternoon he got there-they walked onto a closed course and played 9 holes for free-isn't that a bit dishonest? Christmas Eve night we had Aunts, Uncles, and cousins over for dinner and a program. At the end of the night Santa showed up. Saturday we headed to San Diego to go to the zoo. The kids had lots of fun. It was pretty crowded so we waited in line for about 40 minutes to get on a tour bus. But I learned lots of interesting things like that pigs don't really sweat so you can't say "sweating like a pig" and our cell phones are made out of materials from the rain forest so recycle your cell phones!

"Pappy" got a new train to put around his Chrismas tree. This is Jeffrey, Sammy, Hunter, Riley, and Taylor (my brother Paul's kids) watching the train go around.

Christmas Eve:
The kids got to help Grandpa tell the Christmas story. From right: Hunter as Joseph, Riley as Mary, Danielle as the angel, and Jeffrey as a shepherd. We didn't have any wise men. Not pictured: Tanner as the littlest shepherd.

The disorganized nativity. Baby Jesus is in the shoe box.

Jeffrey singing and playing Jingle Bells while we waited for the big surprise-Santa!

Our kids were terrified of Santa but after a few cousins sat on his lap Sammy made the plunge. Jeffrey hid behind the couch and refused to surface.

Christmas Morning:
Jeffrey checking out his GeoAir from Santa.

Sammy with his new garbage truck.

Brent and Nicole. Brent came to town sporting a new goatte. Apparently once he wore his black rimmed glasses and facial hair on campus (Texas Tech) and was mistaken for a professor.

Danielle-Brent's daughter-enjoying the festivities. Oh and a nice shot of Brent's feet.

San Diego Zoo Trip-not many pics
Jeffrey, Sammy, and Danielle waiting for the Balboa train outside San Diego Zoo. Jeffrey kept saying "I can't wait to ride the train" while jumping up and down.

The "if your child is under 2 you have to ride AND pay" parents.

Thrilled to get front row seats.