Wednesday, March 26, 2008

AH! Spring is in the air!

Our front yard glacier has finally dissolved and its in the 70's today. Spring and summer in Colorado are my favorite seasons. We've been playing at the park almost everyday the last week (in between being sick). I was excited this morning to enter another post with my Easter pictures and of some I took yesterday in the backyard-but I started erasing pictures from my camera-something John says I never do, and I don't, so I wanted to finally do it. Well, I accidentally purged my new pictures before I got them on my computer. I am totally bummed out! So sorry but no pics which will probably make the post a bit boring to all of you. But for me its just a journal entry. Easter this year was pretty normal. John bought the candy and he got a lot!! So the kids have a year supply now. He also hid eggs the night before which Jeffrey thought was so cool. Later Easter morning, (we have 1pm church) I put in an animated New Testament video and told Jeffrey we were going to watch an Easter movie about Jesus-and tried to explain what Easter was really about. The movie started and he says "Mommy, where's the Easter bunny?". AHHH!! After church we had the usual ham dinner with John's sister Katrina and her husband. I tried out a new dessert-Flan-which I had had at Rodizio Grill a few months ago and thought it was divine!. Its an Argentine custard like dessert made with condensed and evaporated milk, eggs, vanilla, and caramel on top. Well, it was okay but nothing close to Rodizio Grill's take on it. Oh, well it was fun to try!
Yesterday Jeffrey and Sammy went outside with John and played baseball. Now John is a huge baseball fan and because baseball is the only sport Jeffrey has shown mild enthusiasm about he is ecstatic! Jeffrey actually has some natural talent and can hit the ball pretty good. John and Jeff went to a few Rockies games last year and although Jeff's favorite part was riding the light rail there and back, he has picked up on a few of the player's habits. For example, he wags the bat when he's waiting for the pitch then after he hits it and in his own words: "baseball players hit the ball, then they throw the bat and run"-and he THROWS the bat as hard as he can behind him and runs after the ball he just hit (no bases in our yard yet). He also asked me to put his tuke on (I call it a beanie but that's because according to John I grew up in Mexico, John served his mission in Canada so the kids call them tukes) so he wanted his took and gloves so he could look like a baseball player. Later that night John and I decided Jeffrey WILL play baseball, become a doctor (based solely on his Halloween costume choice and his extensive knowledge of the digestive system), and be an accomplished chelloist or pianist.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

We Are the Champions, My Friend!

I'm sore, tired, a bit bruised, but it was worth it!! My South Suburban basketball team won the women's basketball tournament last night. We played two games-thankfully we were seeded first going in so the games weren't back to back. We started out the first game with only 4 of us, down 0-9, 5 mins into the game, then two more players showed up and we ended up winning by 15. The second game we won by 20. The season began with a loss, then a win by 3 points, then a win by 5, by the end of the season we were winning by 15-20 points. Last night I made 3, 3-pointers which is NOT my thing at all-so I gave myself a pat on the back. I should also mention that we were probably the oldest team, with the most children.

Monday, March 3, 2008

A Tantrum and the Kindness of a Stranger

Last Friday I went to Target to get some swim diapers. We headed over to the baby section and Jeffrey saw some small milk carton boxes of fish crackers. So I let him get one. We got the diapers then I was looking at swim suits for Jeff-and he was out of the cart running around. Meanwhile, Sammy was begging for me to open the fishies so I did. That was my mistake (should have asked Jeffrey first). Jeffrey sees that Sammy is eating his crackers and goes absolutely crazy. So I'm like, I'm outta here. We go to quickly pay for the diapers, Jeffrey is still ranting, screaming, hitting me, trying to take the cart from me. I'm about to blow my top-have my own tantrum. We get in line behind a lady with two small well-behaved kids. I put the diapers up on the belt along with the disputed crackers. I'm still fighting with Jeff who is now on the floor screaming, kicking, trying to hit me. And I don't notice that the lady in front of me has paid for my stuff. I go up to the cashier ready to pay and she hands me the receipt and tells me that this lady paid for me. Well, the kind stranger was gone, almost to the opposite doors I was going, my kids are both crying, I'm tearing up, so I don't run after her, I just want to run and hide. But I was so grateful for her, she definitely didn't have to do that. I guess now I have to, as they say, "pay it forward". Hopefully when that happens my kids will be the well behaved ones?!

Jeffrey's reaction to his punishment and our conversations regarding this incident are pretty funny. I told him in the car, leaving Target, that he will have a time out when we get home and no movies or TV today. Later after lunch he says "Mommy can you watch TV?" and I say yes, "Mommy can Sammy watch TV", I say no, "Mommy can we still go swimming today?", yes, "Can I still play with my toys?",yes. Later that night after his football class he tells me "I can throw footballs but I can't throw fits". Ahhhh! Blessed understanding.