Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Turkey-less Thanksgiving

We decided to NOT have turkey this year. John and I both don't like turkey. My brother Mark gave us the great idea to have prime rib instead. So we did it! We broke tradition and had prime rib and ham and all the other sides. My sister in law even made stuffing, she insisted we had to at least have stuffing. I got my camera out and took photos before the crowds arrived and then forgot all about my camera while they were here. But I promise we had 10 adults and 9 children in our house; the Bria family, Ridge family, Duris family, and Christenson family. We had tons of yummy food and fun was had by all. The evening was topped off by the Twilight movie for the women, Wii playing by the kids, and football watching by the men.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Numero Tres!!

We're expecting number 3! I'll be 11 weeks on Thursday and the due date is June 11th. I've had my fill of nausea, uncontrollable hunger, irritability, fatigue. And I'm starting to bulge already which didn't happen so fast with the other two. For the past week I've felt pretty good, just tired. Yesterday I went to the doctor and saw "it" on the ultrasound. It moved around for us, wiggling its hands and feet. I'm hoping for a girl but will be happy with a boy-I know how to do boys. Jeffrey insists its a baby sister. So we'll see if John came through for him.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Times Have Changed

Sammy has recently been "painting" on the computer. He has learned to use the mouse, clicking on the colors he wants, holding the button down a bit to paint. I took this picture the other day after thinking how amazing it is that a 2 year old is using a computer! I wonder what technologies will be available when he is my age? (you can also see he was eating Halloween candy. I am posting this pic knowing full well I'm also exposing my dirty desk-somehow I never get around to cleaning it!)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Night

Halloween night a bunch of my neighbors gathered at one house for pizza before trick or treating. Here is my blurry shot of the neighborhood kids before the mad dash to get candy.