Wednesday, July 9, 2008

4th of July '08

John's 16 year old brother Spencer stayed with us for a month, he was my live-in babysitter-Oh, yea! It was nice! I missed him when he left. So anywho, John, Spence, and I went to the Rockies game July 3rd. This is the 3rd year we've done it, so John carefully selected our seats so that we would be in the sections that "had" to go down to the field for the post game fireworks show. It was fun-although the game was long, going extra innings. The field's grass was SOOOO nice-perfect.

July 4th we had an indoor BBQ-we need a new barbecue-here are Sammy, their new cousin Isabella, and Jeffrey waiting to be served.

At the Highlands Ranch fireworks show, waiting for it to start. Its a fatal mistake in our house to lie on the floor with the boys around. Sammy has no problem body slamming said person.

Baby Spencer

The fireworks show was a bit weird. They had a small finale, but then kept shooting off these small, dinky fireworks, about every 2 seconds. So we were all waiting in anticipation for the REAL finale, but no such thing appeared. It just yea, weird.

But before you think I'm ungrateful or have missed the point of 4th of July, let me just say that we in the Kjelstrom family feel blessed to live in this great nation, and for the freedoms we unknowingly take for granted. We salute all those who in the past or present have fought for our country, and especially those who have died doing so.

Thursday, July 3, 2008


Sometimes Sammy wakes up wet-pee wet-so I tell him "you're wet, we have to change your diaper". This morning I got back from swimming laps (I just throw my clothes over my swimsuit when I'm done and head home) Sammy felt my wet shirt and said "mommy wet!, change diaper?".