Saturday, February 6, 2010


Pappy Earl, Grandma Janice, and Spencer were able to come to CO for Christmas this year. It was fun to have them and catch up.

Mornin' boys!

The grandparents helping to open all those darn toys-the manufacturers don't make it easy!

Sammy with the Swim to Me Puppy that Santa brought.

John and Spencer played with Sammy's new marble tracks most of the day.

Jeffrey and his Lego City Police Station-it took all day to build.

Patrick, John, Spencer, and I went skiing the day after Christmas. On our second run Spencer was practicing his stopping but took a bad fall instead, right on his shoulder. The ski patrol took him down to the clinic and X-Rays showed a bad clavicle break. I can't believe he is smiling in this picture, he's hurting, but he was a great patient. I didn't hear one moan.

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