Saturday, February 6, 2010

All About Boy #1

I know he's only in Kindergarten but Jeffrey wanted to do Science Fair this year. Normally, I love science fair but I felt like it was too much for him. However, John stepped in and did the experiment with him. I helped with the poster. The project was "Who has the most air in their lungs". We measured lung capacity with a soda bottle, tube, and water. John, no surprise, won. Jeffrey was too scared to speak to the judge, but he got a medal anyways which he has been wearing to bed.

Jeff turned 6 last week, wow! He was super excited about his birthday. We opened some presents in the morning. We got him a new bike. Its a little too big and is hard for him to mount-but I'm hoping he grows before summer. (And just FYI, I got that bike for $30 from a black Friday sale-yea baby!) Later, we went to Chuck e Cheese. Jeffrey's buddy Nathan got to come along. Since we HATE the pizza there, we came home to eat and have cake.

John took Jeffrey to the rock climbing gym for "Dadurday". Its a new thing John has started with the boys. Right now Jeffrey and Sammy switch off, each Saturday John takes one of them for an outing. Jeffrey did well climbing. He got scared if he got too high but wants to do it again.


Rachel H. said...

What a fun idea to do a Dadurday, the possibilities! Your boys are so handsome, can't believe Jeffrey is 6, time sure has flown by since our carefree newlywed days!

Candice said...

I love the idea of Dadurday. Saturday is definitely Benjamin's favorite day because daddy is home.